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Up to date insight into your spending is important for any organization. However, the larger the organization, the greater the effort to collect all the data, grouping and reporting. VendorLink helps clients and automates this process so that it can be reported more frequently based on standardized online reports with more detailed information.

Supplier Performance

When the end date of a contract is insight, it is time to decide to cancel it or extend. In taking this decision is not going to happen overnight. A well-founded choice makes you decide to stay with the supplier or to look for a new provider. Monitoring your supplier performance can help during the term of a contract. With Vendor Rating from VendorLink you can easily put a supplier assessment on the basis of user surveys. Send this periodically to stakeholders within your organization and collect valuable information. This is also an excellent source of information to periodically enter into dialogue with the supplier.

Optimizing audit or pre-qualification process

As an organization you set strict requirements to your vendors, new and old. VendorLink helps you, to guarantee and automate this process. Many of these processes have been invested in various departments and be carried out ad hoc and updated. The result is a mailbox and network drives filled with data and actions. VendorLink supports these processes in a pragmatic manner with the vendorLink Supplier Portal. Create a group of suppliers a quick checklist of documentation (REACH, ISO, price list, etc.) that they must provide periodic and invite them to supply these data via the Supplier Portal. With Vendor Link move your workload so that you can focus on the process, the quality and validity of documents.

Purchasing Package

As an organization often lack detailed understanding of the total spend per purchase category, for example: software, cleaning, office and hiring staff. VendorLink makes it possible to quickly assign suppliers to self-select categories or purchase packages. This procurement packages ensure that you can see how much your organization spends in total within your main packages and which vendors are all covered.

Understanding contract compliance

Once an organization understands its expenses the next step is to add contracts available to your Spend Analysis. Manually this is a complex and time-consuming action. Often different suppliers in your contract file used by the ledger. With Contract Management VendorLink, you use the same creditors Spend Management. By directly laying of this relationship have purchasing and accounts payable is always the same supplier.

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