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The healthcare industry usually works with budgets that are constantly altered. This way of working makes it very important to create a clear insight in the expenditures of all departments and stakeholders involved. VendorLink offers a solution to improve these insights

Budget holders

VendorLink offers insight on organizational, department and budget holder level and answers the following questions: - What is our supplier base and who uses which? - Are the used suppliers contract suppliers? - What percentage of invoices is linked to a purchase order? VendorLink provides clear tables and graphs containing spend information based on dimensions such as suppliers, cost centres and commodities.

Contract management and compliance

Educational institutions are usually characterized by a scattered view on existing contracts because this process is partially decentralized. VendorLink makes it possible to make these contract visible without shifting the management tasks. By linking the right contract information to the spend suppliers you are able to get insight in expenditures within and outside of contracts. Targets can be set accordingly and improvements can be made.


Auditing is a well-known process in the healthcare industry that takes place before and during the business relationship with suppliers. Risks can be avoided by making sure you are only doing business with qualified suppliers. The VendorLink Supplier Portal offers functionality to automate parts of the audit process such as the documentation request. The outcome of the audits are presented in a clear supplier dashboard so you can easily filter the qualified from the unqualified suppliers. Optimizing the audit process Organizations set high standards for their suppliers and you have high demands on all business aspects when it comes to new and also existing suppliers. This usually results in an unstructured network full of records with documents, e-mails and actions. VendorLink automates this process with the VendorLink Supplier Portal. The Supplier Portal offers an online portal for the supplier to hand in the requested documents so you can focus on checking its validity and content instead of worrying about storing and chasing all this information. Vendors can be categorized to make sure the right documentation is requested and workflows van be made to check the validity before vendors are marked as qualified.

Vendor Rating

When it is time to renew contracts or to see if it is time to switch suppliers you need to know about the past performance of the current supplier. Monitoring the performance of suppliers during their contract period can help you make the right decision during this process. With the Vendor Rating module you are able to easily set out user friendly surveys to all stakeholders to gather information about the performance and experiences with the suppliers over time.

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