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In healthcare work is often on the basis of budgets that are updated regularly. Good understanding of what publishing is, to whom and in what way is therefore important and can always be improved. VendorLink offers a solution to improve this understanding.

Budget holders

VendorLink displays at the organizational level, each department and so each officer to answer unanswered questions:
• Which suppliers are used and by whom?
• Are the providers contracted?
• What percentage of the bills has been linked to an order?
On the basis of clear tables and graphs VendorLink Spend Management displays your daily purchase volume in different dimensions such as suppliers, cost centers and procurement packages.

Contract Compliance

Within a health care facility, it is complex to get a clear picture of all expenditures and contracts because this is happening locally. Within VendorLink it is possible to make this central insight without leaving shift management tasks.


Auditing is a known process in health care both before business is done with a supplier and during the contract period. By doing business with qualified suppliers, risks can be reduced after all. The Supplier Portal VendorLink, you can automate the release of these audits and the submission of the necessary documentation and information. Information is presented in the central supplier dashboard where you are visible at a glance which suppliers meet the required criteria.

Supplier Rating

When it's time to renew a contract or to switch to a new supplier, you're not going to happen overnight. A well-founded choice makes you decide to stay with the supplier or to look for a new provider. Monitoring your supplier performance you can help during the term of a contract. With Vendor Rating VendorLink you can easily put a supplier assessment on the basis of user surveys so that this information can be collected from all stakeholders. By linking your contract information in VendorLink to the right spend supplier you gain insight into the spending inside and outside contract. When was purchased within a contract that means that agreements about the price and other conditions. The contract compliance can be measured over time to make improvements and to buy more under contract.

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