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Governmental organizations usually work with budgets and are bound to a lot of regulations. This way of working makes it very important to create a clear insight in the expenditures and the budget use of all departments and stakeholders involved. VendorLink offers a solution to improve these insights.


This contract information may also be the first step for increasing regularity. Legitimacy within the government world an important part of the procurement and in all kinds of tenders. The well in card, however, the market of this process is complex. In VendorLink you have both elements together in one system, namely the expenditure and the contracts. VendorLink offers analysis that calculate how your organization does business legally.

Contract compliance

By linking contract information in VendorLink to the right spend supplier, you get an insight into the spending inside and outside contract. When there is purchased within a contract that means that agreements about the price and other conditions. The contract compliance can be measured over time to make improvements and to buy more under contract.

Spend analysis

Up to date insight into your spending is important for any organization. But how larger the organization, the greater the effort to gather all the data, grouping and reporting. VendorLink helps clients and automates this process so that it can be reported more frequently based on standardized online reports with more detailed information. By establishing a link between your financial system and VendorLink your Spend Analysis is always up to date.

PIANOo purchasing package format

As a government organization often lack detailed understanding of the total spending of e.g. flexible working, building and office related costs. Within VendorLink it is possible to assign the well-known fast suppliers to purchase PIANOo packet format. This procurement packages ensure that you can see how much you spend as an organization in total within your main packages.

Geographical distribution

Social return is a subject that governments have high on the agenda. Giving back to their own municipality and region is very important, but the ability to see in this fast and monitoring are limited. Within the spend management module is to be found on the basis of a map in which areas there postcode money is given so that your social return degree can be measured.

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