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An educational institution is a decentralized organization with many budget holders and managers who are responsible for their own department and budget. Often lack a clear understanding of expenditures and invoice flows, and monitoring and improving procurement processes are therefore laborious and time consuming. VendorLink you can help!

Budget holders

VendorLink oparates at the organizational level, each department and so each budget holder to answer unanswered questions:
• Which suppliers are used and by whom?
• Are the suppliers contracted?
• What percentage of invoices associated with an order?
On the basis of clear tables and graphs VendorLink Spend Management displays your daily purchase volume in different dimensions such as suppliers, cost centres and procurement packages.

Purchase Packages

Educational institutions often lack the detailed understanding of the total spending, for example: software, cleaning, office and hiring staff. Within VendorLink makes it possible to quickly assign suppliers to self-select categories or purchase packages. This procurement packages ensure that you can see how much you spend as an organization, in total, your main packages.

Contract management and compliance

Within an educational institution there is usually no clear picture of all the contracts, because this also be closed locally. Within VendorLink it is possible to make these contracts centrally insightful without leaving shift management tasks. By linking contract information in VendorLink to the right spend supplier you gain insight into the spending inside and outside contract. This information may also be the first step for increasing regularity, VendorLink offers this additional analysis.

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